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MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) Payments


Platinum Processing Services (PPS) can easily assist you in establishing a merchant account for your mail and telephone orders.  As an industry leader in merchant phone payment solutions and merchant mail payment solutions, our team of experts will structure a plan based on your exact business needs. 

These card-not-present transactions increase the risk factor, and require a special merchant account.  Therefore processing companies take advantage of merchants by charging much higher fees.  However, when partnering with a trusted company like PPS, we will work with you to process the payments in the most economical and efficient way possible.  PPS provides our merchants with the information and resources necessary to ensure that each transaction is processed quickly, easily, and at the absolute lowest rate possible.

Platinum Processing Services (PPS) provides an array of equipment options including terminals which allows you to manually enter the customer’s credit card numbers, or our easy-to-use software which hooks up to your very own PC (an Internet connection is required).  Any way you go, you can rest assured that PPS is providing your business with a safe and secure merchant mail/phone payment solution, backed by superior customer service and dedicated support - all at the guaranteed lowest rate.