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Gift/Loyalty Cards


Offering your customers gift/loyalty cards is a simple and highly profitable way to set your business apart from the competition.  The most obvious benefit of selling gift/loyalty cards is receiving cash without having to provide products or services at the time of purchase.  But that’s just the beginning:

  • Gift card recipients have the potential to become new customers
  • More often than not, gift card recipients spend more than the face value of the card upon redemption
  • Not all gift cards end up getting redeemed – that’s like free money

It’s common knowledge that retaining a current customer is far less expensive than trying to obtain a new one.  With Platinum Processing Services (PPS) custom gift/loyalty programs we make it easier than ever to reward your current customers – and keep them coming back.  With the help of PPS, businesses of all sizes, large and small, can significantly increase revenue with our customized merchant account loyalty programs tailored to your exact business profile. 

Conveniently, PPS will handle all of the tracking and accounting of these gift/loyalty programs.  No matter the size of your business, Platinum Processing Services (PPS) can make gift/loyalty card acceptance a reality for you.  And all of our gift/loyalty card programs are backed by superior service and dedicated support which is why we are an industry leader.