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Glossary Terms

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Pick Up

The phrase "Pick Up" means the transaction has been declined by the card issuer and is requesting that you take the card from the cardholder.


A downgrade is the mid-qualified or non-qualification of a card, usually causing a higher rate.

Call Help

The phrase “Call Help” is used to notify the merchant that they need to contact the Platinum Processing Services (PPS) technical support team for assistance:  (877) 500-3312

Call ND

The phrase “Call ND” indicates some form of communication error.  You will need to contact the technical service department to troubleshoot the issue.

Call Auth

The phrase “Call Auth” refers to a notification, notifying the merchant to call the authorization number for a decision.

Try Again ND

This is an error message used to indicate the terminal has not received a response to the sales completion message.