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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I’ve sold my business, can I transfer my account to the new owner, and if so, how?
Your PPS account may be transferred to the new one.  In order to do so, the new owner must complete a new application within the 30-60 days prior to the ownership change in order to ensure that all necessary information is received.

Can my statement be emailed?
Currently, Platinum Processing Services (PPS) sends all statements via regular mail only; however, electronic statements are available via our online reporting tool.

How soon will I get my deposits?

It will take approximately 2-4 days for the funds to show up in your bank account once your POS (point of sale) has settled, however, next day funding is available.

How do I accept checks or gift cards?

Platinum Processing Services (PPS) offers many different electronic check processing and gift card programs, contact your sales agent today for more information.

How do I go about purchasing new/additional equipment?

To purchase additional equipment, please contact your Platinum Processing Services (PPS) sales agent or customer service representative.

Who do I contact if I need to cancel my account?

To cancel your account, please contact a Platinum Processing Services (PPS) customer service representative at (877) 500-3312.

What is the difference between a check card and a debit card?
A check card is a debit card that is ran as credit (no PIN required).  E.g.  Most restaurants run all cards as credit transactions only, as no PIN pad is made available upon departure.

How is a Monthly Minimum calculated?

The Monthly minimum is calculated by multiplying your qualified rate by your monthly volume.

What descriptions will appear on my account for debits/ credits?
This depends on the back end platform on which your account is built.

Can PPS lower my rates?

Platinum Processing Services (PPS) offers to meet or beat any competitive rate quote received from another processor.  Simply obtain a competitor’s quote on their company letterhead and submit via fax:  (877) 500-3312.  If you have been with PPS for more than three months, PPS offers internal rate reviews.  Please contact customer service for further details.

Can I add (PIN) debit to my account?
By incorporating an encrypted pin pad, most POS (point of sale) systems are equipped to handle pin based debit transactions.  Contact a Platinum Processing Services (PPS) sales agent or customer service representative for additional information.

Can I add EBT to my account?
Like (PIN) debit, most POS (point of sale) systems are equipped to handle EBT transactions by incorporating an encrypted pin pad.  However, each merchant must also obtain an EBT Certificate from their state office.  Once this is acquired, contact a Platinum Processing Services (PPS) sales agent or customer service representative for additional information.

Can I assign a minimum or maximum amount to consumer purchases?
Under the Dodd-Frank Act, merchants can assign a minimum to credit card transactions only (the minimum must not exceed $10.00).  Merchants who are federal agencies or institutions of higher education can set a maximum transaction amount to credit card transactions only.  These minimum and maximum transaction amounts do not apply to debit card transactions.

Can I add a surcharge/fee to my sales?
Merchants can offer customer discounts to pay with cash, check, or debit instead of a credit card.  However, merchants cannot offer customer discounts to pay with one card brand instead of another.

How long do I need to hold on to my sales drafts?
Platinum Processing Services (PPS) recommends that its merchants retain sales drafts for a minimum of two years.

If your issue is not addressed above, please contact us by phone:  (877) 500-3312 or email:  Once reviewed, our experts will provide detailed answers to any of your payment processing questions.